The QuantumCast-Logimporter is a (stand-alone) system service, which can be installed on your own streaming servers. The service sends pre-processed logs of these streaming servers to the QuantumCast-Audio cloud services. This is necessary to generate listener statistics and special log files, notifications and other statistical analyzations. You can use Logimporter to stream logs to QuantumCast (“tail-mode”) on the fly or to send the content of a single file at once.

Cloud features:

  • Can run as a docker container

  • Health checks

  • Anonymize ip addresses / GDPR compliant

  • Supports time zones

Logimporter can work with log files from these streaming servers:

  • Icecast

  • Shoutcast 1

  • Windows Media Server

  • AIS (Ver. 7.x and 8.x)

Supported operating systems: Linux, Windows, BSD, MacOS


Get started with QuantumCast-Logimporter: