Easy-to-use scalable solution to create a perfect short-lived or 24/7 audio program from audio elements. It is qualified for a large and more than enough amount of playout deliveries. The playout system can be controlled via web interface in real time.


  • FM/DAB-radio-quality

  • Perfect mixing for personalized, individual and broadcast playouts

  • Sound processing before and after playout

  • QuantumCast Metaflow included

  • Real-time deployment and controlling

  • Easy playout report

  • Replay Gain support

  • Advanced crossfading/mixing - automatically or with manual values

  • Voice-track on ramp

  • Drop in on ramp

  • Voice-track over music bed, e.g. news

Stream Targets:

  • QuantumCast Streamer

  • Icecast

  • SHOUTcast

  • Wowza

  • AIS

CDN Delivery:

  • QuantumCast CDN

  • Privat CDN on request

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