QuantumCast Audiostreamer is a live streaming platform service for audio content own-developed by QuantumCast digital GmbH. It is written in a modern programming language that enables all advantages of cloud infrastructures. The software can stream in the following protocols, with ad insertion capability:

  • ICY streams (MP3, AAC with included metadata)

  • RAW Streaming (MP3, AAC without metadata)

  • HLS streams


  • HTTP / HTTPs Audiostreaming

  • Supports streaming ICY live streams

  • Supports a variety of media formats as input

  • Supports various ingestion methods (PUSH, RELAY)

  • Secure token content protection

  • Authenticated connections

  • Data aggregations for Big Data analysis

  • Automatic stream fallback to a second broadcast route or a cloud playout


  • Detecting ad break markers via metadata, flipbit (beep)

  • Replacement of the original content with digital ads or an insertion of digital ads

  • Full individual ad configuration per stream connection via tokens and parameter, e.g. personalized for a user, for individual aggregators, apps, etc.

  • Ad break opener and closer before and after ad insertion

  • Stream opener for promoted streams

  • Keep back spots via token

  • Volume adjustments of spots

  • Ad insertion capabilities (VAST4)

  • All Features from QuantumCast-Adflow

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