Adflow is a scalable solution with easy-to-use tools for workflows with audio commercials. The commercials will be processed in real time and individually for every listener. An advertisement agency with an VAST4 compatible ad server is required. The QuantumCast-Adflow supports the following:

1. scenarios for ad delivery:

  • Preroll

  • Midroll

2. methods of detecting/trigger an ad break:

  • Beep

  • Flipbit

  • Metadata

3. Ad server API:

  • AdsWizz

  • Adtonos

  • AdAlliance (Smartclip)

  • AdMediationService (AMS)

  • Any VAST4 compatible AdServer

4. Big Data storage:

  • QuantumCast-Big Data

5. Additional features:

  • Easy configuration per web user interface in real time, e.g. zone_alias, drift, maxAds, duration, etc.

  • IAB TCF v2 compliance

  • Counting listening impressions of marked elements inside the streams without Ad server (QuantumCast-Big Data required)

  • All ad-features from QuantumCast-Audiostreamer

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