The QuantumCast-Self-Service-Console is a web user interface to manage and control the essential services of QuantumCast. It is possible to request and configure the following components and processes in the QuantumCast platform independently and individually. All activities within the self-service console are executed immediately and fully automatically within the QuantumCast platform.


  • Create / edit / delete channel

  • Configure channel

  • Start / stop and configure Playout

  • Configure playout sound processing

  • Configure playout advanced automatic crossfading

  • Start sequence editor and configure dynamic scheduler

  • View / export playout protocol

  • Create / delete source mounts

  • Create / delete listener mounts with or without transcoding

  • Create / edit / delete stream URL and configure StreamRoute

  • Use stream URL generator to create stream urls for aggregators

  • Start / stop and configure StreamControl

  • Configure Adflow

  • Configure Authentications

  • Configure Metaport & Metaspreader

  • Configure Channel Advanced settings & Global Advanced Settings

  • Configure Connect your app

  • Configure Log processing

  • Configure User management

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