Upgrades and Changelog

In progress

  • Force adtrigger after each music track

  • Detailed track log for Metaport bound stream connections

  • Implementation of xHE-AAC audio codec

  • Rollout of new ad replacement tech across all listening sessions with more options to control the replacement area.

  • Switch to a new ad trigger technology inside the playout flow that allows you to control the ad trigger with frame-level accuracy.

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  • Sending pseudonym events data to Quantyoo API

  • Support for Quantyoo staging and production environments using stream url parameters

  • Optimized buffering for streaming connections

  • Streamrecorder allows creating of new recording for every user

  • New Playerservices endpoints for JSON, plain text and JSON array outputs

  • Streamcontrol check for wrong sampling rate

  • Creating ad-free stream URLs using configurable URL parameters


  • Advanced adaptive audio streaming - also available for clients without HLS

  • New End User User Guide in german: QuantumCast Bedienungsanleitung

  • Full implementation of the Quantyoo API

  • StreamControl got a new threshold for the validity of metadata

  • GEMA/GVL-Export

  • Add a new QuantumCast TCFv2 developer guide for the implementation of TCFv2

  • Performance upgrade for the QuantumCast Self Service Console

  • Replacement of TLS certificates and ciphers for better HTTPS compatibility with older clients


  • Registration as a Vendor TCF v2.0 <https://iabeurope.eu/vendor-list/>

  • Improvement of the processing speed when changing the configuration of the mixing (mixpoint at audio level in decibels, crossfade length)

  • Add more grace time options for QuantumCast cloud operators @ Ad insertion capabilities

  • HLS URLs now also support timeshift


  • Token authentication protection by ensuring that the stream is only send to the authenticated listener

  • Introduction of a new stream control system that is more cloud-native, offers better control over the console and more options for alarm notifications

  • Replace the “Drift” option with “Delay” for a better understanding of the ad configuration

  • Improvement of the translation within the console (user management, scheduler, sequences, commercials)

  • Start a new place for QuantumCast documentations <https://docs.quantumcast-digital.com>

  • Rollout of HLS urls for all streams - more info @ StreamRoute with m3u8